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Bali is one of islands Indonesia Archipelago that has long been renowned as an eminent tourist destination in the world. Many names have been given to this beautiful island,like "The Last Paradise on Earth","Morning of the World", "The Majesty Island","The island with Thousand of Temple" and still many other names. The island of Bali lies 3.2 km (2 mi) east of Java,and is approximately 8 degrees south of the equator.Bali and Java are separated by the Bali Strait. East to west, the island is approximately 153 km (95 mi) wide and spans approximately 112 km (69 mi) north to south;the island covers an extend of 5,632,86 square kilometers. It is one of the country's 34 provinces with the provincial capital at Denpasar towards the south of the island. With a population around 4000.000 people live,for the most part,in tight village communities with large extended families. Balinese people not only reside in Bali but are also spread all over various provinces in Indonesia as a result of government transmigration policies. Because of the breadth of Bali, you need our Bali Driver and our Bali Day Tour so you can visiting Bali calmly.


Bali is the Larges Hindu outpost in the world outside India.Approximately 93% of Bali's population adheres to Balinese Hinduism,is comprised of a unique blend of Hindu ,Buddhist,Javanese and ancient indigenous beliefs;it is very different from the Hinduism practiced in India today.The stronghold of their traditions and belief base on Hinduism has dotted the island with ancient remains,ornately sculptured temples or holy places and this may be the main factor to keep away any of negative outside influence. Everyday life in Bali merges with social duties and religious obligations while the art reflects an unnoticed integration of environment,religion,and community in which individual is a part.The organization of villages,land cultivation up to the creations of art are of communal efforts.A village in Bali is the central place for its people while a family is the basic unit of Balinese society which is grouped into  "Banjar",the group unit of several families. Because all of the beauty that is owned by Bali, we in put it in to our Bali Day Tour, if you want more comfortable, I suggest you choose our Bali Driver.


Bali has such a mild and agreeable climate the whole year round. The daytime temperature hardly climbs to 30°C and the island receives a great level of sunshine. In fact, it experiences two distinctive seasons; dry season, from May till September, and wet seasons, from October till April. However, even during the middle of a wet monsoon, tourists can expect the sun to make an appearance during the afternoon.

Bali is located only eight degrees south of the equator, and so it does not experience much of an annual range in temperature. It has two seasonal periods-Wet and Dry seasons which differ greatly in characteristics. The actual temperature does not vary too much-ranging at an average of 31 ºC to 33 ºC all year round. Overall, Bali has a hot climate.

Bali has two mountains that still active until today, those are Mount Agung 3142 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain in Bali and last erupted in March 1963. The other one is Mount Batur 1717 meters above sea level. It has eruption 24 times since 1800 and the biggest eruption was in 1917.


Bali,island of a thousand of Hindu temples-charming,beautiful captivating and alluring,images of lush,green paddy fields,ancient temples,and exotic beauties performing traditional dances,friendly people,peaceful beaches and intricate carving arise when one think of Bali.This combination that makes Bali so special and memorable,it has for centuries lured visitors from various countries.Bali Day Tour invite you to visit this beautiful island.

Until today Bali is still famous and most favorite island and tourist destination to visit. A lot of interesting places in different part of Bali Island. Southern part of Bali with Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu Hindu temple and surfing beach area nearby. Nusa Dua is five star hotel area, Tanjung Benoa for Parasailing,Jet Sky,Flaying Fish, Scuba Diving and other water sports activities, visit the exotic view of Kuta beach, Jimbaran bay is a beautiful beach to enjoy the fresh seafood dinner while the sun goes down. To explore Bali island,You may also choose Bali Day Tour,you will discover many places of interest in all part of Bali.


In the middle part of the Bali island you may visit Ubud village and surrounding with thousand of Bali traditional and modern artist; dancers, painters, wood and stone carvers, Gold and silver smith etc. On the way there we can enjoy the Barong and Kris dance, visit the Bali Bird Park, Bali Reptile Park, Bali Zoo and Bali Monkey forest. Beside that you can visit other interesting places such as Goa Gajah/Elephant Cave, Holy Spring Temple/Tirta Empul Temple and Gunung Kawi Temple nearby. The trip should be continued to see amazing of Batur mountain crater and Batur lake view while enjoy your lunch at local buffet restaurant, then continued to visit local coffee plantation also Tegalalang village/ceking rice terraced. With our Bali Driver your holiday will be completely unforgettable one, if you have the chance to visit  tourist destination in Bali.


On the other part of the Bali Island you can visit the Royal Temple(Taman Ayun Temple), Bedugul botanical garden, Beratan lake and Ulun Danu Temple, Kedaton monkey forest and giant bats, also visit Tanah Lot Temple very amazing sunset and beach view. Bali Day Tour very delighted to bring you here.

East Bali with some interesting places; Kertagosa/traditional court house, Goa Lawah/Bats cave (the cave with thousand of bats), Tirta Gangga water garden, Tenganan traditional village, Bukit jambul rice terrace view and the mother temple of Besakih the biggest temple in Bali

North part of Bali there are some interesting places to visit such as: Twin lake ; lake Buyan and Tamblingan, Gitgit Water fall, Lovina Beach and watch the Dolphin, Hot Spring at Banjar and Budhist Monastery. Remember to choose our Bali Day Tour and our Bali Driver to make your journey in Bali unforgettable.




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