Bali Birds Park - Ubud Tour

Departure : 09.00 AM (8-10 hours)

Itinerary of Bali Bird Park-Ubud Tour :
Tohpati :
the center of Batik village and weaving cloth
Bali Bird Park :
variaty of birds from all parts of Indonesia and other Countries.
Puseh Temple of Batuan Village : 
this is a temple with a beautiful widely landscape and fully original ancient Balinese touch on its architecture.
Kemenuh :
wood carving village
Tegenungan :
beautiful waterfall
Ubud Village : Ubud
of Monkey Forest, Ubud of Palace, Ubud of Market

More details and entrance price of this trip, kindly check as below :

Bali Bird Park-Ubud  Tour +6285739323994Tohpati Village

Firstly we stop at Tohpati Village, where is found side of Denpasar town, this village very famous as center of Batik . Most of the denizen here creating batik, process of creating batik you'll be able to observe additionally here. There, batik creating has evolved to become one amongst the best art types of Asia. This ancient technique involves employing a wajan similar in form to a cooking pan to melt the wax, and a canting, a wooden-handled tool with a metal tip for applying wax to form the planning. We suggest that you'll be able to buy your favorite paintings batik like garments, sarong, pillow case, exposure of batik painting. No entrance price tag of this Batik village.


Bali Bird Park-Ubud  Tour +6285739323994Bali Birds Park

Then we take you to Bali Birds Park,which situated at stone carving village , Singapadu .1st opened in October 1995, this Birds Park is that the realization of a life-long dream and ambition. With over 1.000 birds of over 250 totally different species housed at intervals lush tropical gardens, the Park is famed for its dedication to perfection and has already become one of Bali ‘s most visited destinations. We highly recommend you to visit this place. Birds collection such as Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus), Asian Pied Hornbill (Antbracocerus albirostris), The Javan Kingfisher (Halyon cyanoventris), Bali Starling (Leucopsar rot) don’t miss the monitor, park highlight, on of rarest animal within the world. Entrance price ticket value  of this Bali Bird Park at US$ 20/person.


Ticket Includes : Special Even in The Park
1. Reptilarium
2. Papua Rain Forest Feeding ( Twice a day )
3. Lory Feeding ( All Day)
4. Pelican Feeding ( Twice a Day)
5. The Komodo Experience ( Twice a week)
6. BASIC INSTINCT - Bird of Prey Show ( 11.30 & 15.00)
7. BALI RAINFOREST -Free Flight Show of Bird- (10.30 & 16.00)
8. MEET THE BIRD STARS - Bali Starling Restaurant (12.00, 13.30, 16.30)
9. 4 DIMENSION CINEMA ( All day fun ten onward)

Bali Bird Park-Ubud  Tour +6285739323994Puseh Temple of Batuan Village

After that we take you to village of Batuan ,to go to one amongst the most temple known as the Pura Puseh (Temple of Origins dedicated to the God Vishnu). Puseh Temple could be a native Balinese Hindu temple sorted by the native resident of Batuan village. The temple is designed terribly lovely with full of Balinese ornaments and also the roof temple building is formed from the fiber of chromatic black palm . It’s strategically settled beside of the most road from Denpasar to Ubud. We show you how to wear sarong before entering the temple too.

This temple were supported within the year 944 Isaka(1020 AD). Nearly a thousand years recent. There’s no price of admission  of this Temple, however solely donation.

Bali Bird Park-Ubud  Tour +6285739323994Kemenuh Village

Then continue the journey,we take you to the Kemenuh village, where is found in Sukawati District, Gianyar regency-simply ten minutes from Ubud.This Village, manufacture excellent quality of carving, made up of terribly hard wood like mahogany,teak,ebony and hibiscus wood, those of wood import from another island Java, Sumatra and Celebes. No entrance ticket here

 s Kemenuh village.

Bali Bird Park-Ubud  Tour +6285739323994Tegenungan Waterfall

Afterward we bring you to Tegenungan Waterfall, which this destination  placed not within the highlands or mountain. Tegenungan waterfall placed at Tegenungan Village, approx. five km, south of area called Tengkulak Kaja, Ubud of south east, district Sukawati, Gianyar. The space is just regarding sixteen kilometer from Denpasar or thirty minute drive. Though not therefore high (only regarding four feet tall), water flow is extremely serious. Natural scenery around Tegenungan Waterfall is kind of lovely, with green trees and exquisite. Our Bali Driver happily taking picture and you’ll be able to eat and drink at the easy stalls whereas enjoying the sweetness of Tegenungan Waterfall from a distance. Entrance ticket for Tegenungan Waterfall at IDR 15,000/person.


Bali Bird Park-Ubud  Tour +6285739323994Ubud Monkey Forest

The next trip, we take you to Ubud Monkey Forest, which may be a little rain forest dwelt by some cluster of monkeys and alternative tropical animals. It‘s strategically situated in the hearth of Ubud, exactly situated within the region of Padang Tegal village, Sub district of Ubud and regency of Gianyar. Monkey Forests in Balinese language referred Wanara Wana square measure unfolded within the island and Ubud Monkey Forest itself own  important perform of the continuity the monkey surroundings in Bali. To feed the monkeys our Bali Driver suggest you to buy banana also here  Ubud Monkey Forest is dwelt by two hundred monkeys, pertained to long tail inclusive macaques or macaca fascicularis cluster that owns the wide dispersive space. Among the quantity monkeys living during this forest, there are square measure twenty three adult male, seventy nine adult female and ninety eight still baby. All the monkeys during  this forest consisted of three teams, dwell sure space and use the sure place and sure time. However, it conjointly happened that entire cluster will use the forest and whenever two teams square measure existing at same place and time, they’re going to fight one another.  To take a picture with monkey here, our Bali Driver is ready to help you. These monkeys square measure believed as Gods Guard of Dalem Agung Temple, The Hindu Temple exist within the middle of forest. Entrance ticket for Ubud Monkey Forest at IDR 20,000/person.


Bali Bird Park-Ubud  Tour +6285739323994Ubud Market

Just a few minutes from Monkey Forest of Ubud, we drive you to Ubud Market, where the existence isn’t  so much completely different from alternative markets offered within the tourism area within Bali.This market as a society economics center of Ubud and it’s appropriate to the existence of Ubud Empire that’s known as Puri Saren. The market is evolution from west to easterly divided become 2 cluster with completely different purpose. There area unit 2 markets offered at a similar space those area unit one block at the West side is for a traditional artistic market and another block situated within the east as an everyday traditional basic market demand. Our Bali Day Tour and Bali Driver suggested to bargain before buying anything in this market.This market is opened  daily regarding at 08:00 till 18:00, even some from them still open till nighttime. While the traditional market for the basic demand is opened everyday at 06:00 - even before that there’s morning market started at 04:00 morning. No entrance ticket of  Ubud Market.


Bali Bird Park-Ubud  Tour +6285739323994Ubud Palace

The last one among this schedule,we will take you to Ubud Palace, which is an Ubud Kingdom Palace with lovely Balinese traditional houses as a residence of Ubud King. It’s set within the center of Ubud with traditional art market simply ahead of it and it’s found by Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel has commanded from year 1800 - 1823. This palace is a creative cultural life center, whereas the traditional market is that the image of native economics resident. The existence of Ubud palace is supplied by a Wantilan/auditorium that’s a large building of meeting space and a banyan tree as shelter place at the daytime. We explain in more detail this place. The traditional market is that the place of society economics and its existence is usually approximate palace as creative cultural life center. It implies that the each pole meeting is describing the dynamics of society and kingdom life. No entrance price ticket of this Ubud Palace.


Price of Bali Birds Park-Ubud Tour :
*1-6 person IDR 500K /US$ 40/car
*7-10 person IDR 850K /US$ 65/car


 Bali Bird Park-Ubud Tour Price Includes : air conditioned vehicle,English Speaking tour driver, Gasoline,sarongs once enter temple and parking ticket
 Bali Bird Park-Ubud Tour Price Excludes : entrance fee, your meal, other personal  expenses



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*Costumer Satisfaction Oriented.







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