Holy Bath



Holy Bath

 Holy Bath In Bali is a ritual to clean negative elements that exist in the human body. These rituals are carried out by a holy priest of Bali, ranging from the smallest children to the oldest people. This ritual of Holy Bath in Balinese called Melukat which mean purification.

Holy Bath can be done on the day of the full moon or other holy days in Bali. The Balinese people strongly believe that by doing Holy Bath it will give them the energy in the universe and realize them to be wiser than before, which gives them to believe that they have a better awareness during their way through life.Then every full moon day of each month,all the places like Temples, rivers and beaches will be filled with people who perform rituals Holy Bath. The main purpose of this ritual is to receive inspiration in mind and energy to carry out their daily activities.

Tirta Empul or Tampak Siring that well known for the Holy Spring Temple is a famous place to perform this Holy Bath located in Tampak Siring village, Gianyar regency and eastwards from Denpasar town  it’s about 39 km.The holy spring Temple at Tirta Empul or Tampak Siring are believed o have magical powers where most of the Balinese do the purification so the temple is an important one. You can do the ritual of this Holy Bath by joining Bali Day Tour as well as Bali Driver of Volcano Tour to get a memorable experience during holiday in Bali

 This place  visited daily by both domestic and foreign tourists for their tour activities and local in particular every full moon or other holy days to perform the holy bathing or purification and praying too. This Holy Bath may be done by anyone as long as it brings offerings as a means of praying before the holy bathing ritual is done.We invite you to come here for a tourist activity or even follow this Holy Bath and we are happy to help you prepare for all the needs of both the offerings as well.


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