Bali East Coast Tour

Pick Up Time  : 09.00 AM

Duration : 10-12 hours

Bali East Coast Tour Itinerary :
Kerta Gosa : the Royal courts of justrice the more famous painted ceiling.
Iseh village : the village area is famous for stunning scenery and a simple way of life
Sibetan village : snake fruit agritourism
Ujung Water Palace : Is the water pleasure garden with pools, moats, canals and fountains
Tenganan : Ancient village of the original Balinese,known for ikat handwoven cloth  call Gringsing

Bali East Coast Tour details and entrance cost , as below :

Bali East Coast Tour +62 857 393 239 94Kertha Gosa

The firstly ,our Bali Driver bring you to Kertha Gosa. It is located in the heart of Semarapura town, Klungkung Regency and its name derived from Sanskrit words, namely  Kertha meaning peaceful and Gosa from word Gosita meaning announcement. On that account, the phrase Kertha Gosa conveys a building of jurisdiction in the form of pavilion used by the kings to announce the legislation, jurisdiction, penalization and so forth. Here also is Taman Gili, a floating pavilion(it seems to float because it is indeed deliberately founded in the middle of fish pond).Decorative paintings on the ceiling of Kertha Gosa are painted with narrative motifs. Kertha Gosa was founded in 18th century, during the Dutch administration(1908-1942) was used as a court of justice for alleged criminals and lawbreakers. At same complex, there is also museum which was formerly the Dutch High School. Entrance ticket of this destination is 12,000/person.


Bali East Coast Tour +62 857 393 239 94Beauty of Iseh
The next we will drive up pass the  Iseh village, which is one of the village in Sidemen Sub district, Karangasem Regency. Iseh has developed into a unique tourist attraction because it has stunning beauty of nature. Located about 42 km from Denpasar.
 Beauty of nature is the main attraction with the background of tranquility and serenity of rural life. This ambience can attract many tourists to stay longer. Overlay plots of terraced rice fields along with the activities of traditional farmers, a winding river, as well as panorama of Mount Agung are visible in the distance becoming a single entity of stunning beauty of nature.
 Except for scenery, Iseh is also an intriguing route that can be taken advantage for trekking activities. Meanwhile, this village also offers handicraft products in the form of endek and songket woven fabric of Karangasem distinctively processed with traditional loom.  No Entrance Ticket here


Bali East Coast Tour +62 857 393 239 94Sibetan Village

On this trip we will pass through Sibetan village, which this is Snake fruit agritourism in Bali
This Sibetan village, from Denpasar around 85 km, at an altitude of 500 m, belong to Karangasem Regency, a cultivation center of Snake fruit or we called Salak
Salak is a fruit that tastes sweet with brown skin like a snake
Cool atmosphere that way this area very suitable as a place to relax while circling salak plantation.
This fruit  is a crop unique to Southeast Asia, with a lot of  variations. 

No Entrance Ticket here


Bali East Coast Tour +62 857 393 239 94Taman Sukasada Ujung

Then we very delighted to bring you to Taman Sukasada Ujung,which Is the water pleasure garden built in the early 1900's by the King as a component of the royal palace to receive important guests and visiting foreign dignitaries. Located just 5 km out of Amlapura, this serene garden setting was inspired by a combination of classic Balinese and European architectural styles and incorporates three extensive ponds.
This  water palace is composed mainly of water, garden, and sculptures. This garden is known as "Palace on the water". It was built by the king of Karangasem called A.A Gde Djelantik in the year 1901.This garden was famous in the world because a lot of its photos are collected and publicized at Holland. This garden has been destroyed by the Agung's eruption for several month, so that a lot of tourists were disappointed some government officers including a Dutch queen named Wilhelmina used to be received on the place by the king of Karangasem. Taman Ujung was built in a fusion architecturally power of Bali and Dutch. Ujung's traditional open palace was accumulated on the green valley with backdrop of Bibis mountain view,Lempuyang mountain in the north and Ujung beach in the South. Bali Day Tour of entrance ticket for this destination is IDR 20.000/person


Bali East Coast Tour +62 857 393 239 94Candidasa

Afterwards we will take you to Candidasa,which Is a sleepy seaside town that takes its name from an ancient temple complex and features different levels of accommodation and restaurants for travelers seeking a quite holiday retreat. Despite the absence  of a proper beach front, there are plenty of water activities to enjoy including snorkeling to see species of colored coral and exotic fish. No Entrance Ticket here

Bali East Coast Tour +62 857 393 239 94Tenganan Village
The last one of this Bali East Coast Tour, we take you to Tenganan village.This is one of Bali's most ancient and most unique villages. It is located in the eastern part of Bali,around 65 kilometers drive to the east from Denpasar. The uniqueness of Tenganan to this day provides a considerable draw card for tourists, foreign and domestic alike, who come to witness the ancient and original Balinese who continue to practice their unique culture to this day. Tenganan has many interesting traditions such as a ritual and art tradition especially Mekare-kare or Perang Pandan (the fight of Pandanus leaves) which takes place only once the year during a festival. .Tenganan is also well known for its Geringsing cloth or double ikat. Through an intricate process of weaving and dyeing, known only here, a single cloth takes five years to complete. Entrance ticket for this  village is 10,000/person

Bali East Coast Tour Prices :

Price A :
*1-6 person IDR 600K /US$ 47/car
*7-10 person IDR 900K /US$ 70/car

Price Includes : Air Conditioned Car,English Speaking Tour Driver, Petrol,Mineral Water,Sarongs when enter Temple and Parking Ticket
Price Excludes : Entrance Ticket,Meal, Other Personal Expenses

Price B : 
IDR 600K/US $ 47 /person (Minimum 2 person join)
Price Includes : Air Conditioned Car,English Speaking Tour Driver, Mineral water, Petrol,Sarongs when enter temple,Parking ticket,All Entrance Ticket at Tourist Destinations, 1 x Lunch at Local Restaurant
Price Excludes : Dinner and other Personal expenses

Note :
*Book in Advance
*Costumer Satisfaction Oriented.




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