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Bali Offerings/Canang Sari is one of daily Balinese Hindus people offerings made to thank the Gods in praise and pray. You will see these Bali Offerings in the temples, on small shrines in houses, and on the ground or as a part of large offering. Our Bali Day Tour and  Bali Driver also prepare it before they go to work and this canang sari will be put in the car.

 The pharase of canang sari is derived from the word canang(a small square of coconut-leaf basket decorated with combination of colorful flowers) and Sari(essence). A Canang Sari is completed by placing on top of the canang an amount of money, which is said to make up the essence of the offering. Canang sari is made from young yellow palm leafs, flowers, and foodstuff an art  form  associated  with every ritual in Bali. We believe in the forces of the invisible worlds dictates that offerings be created with a spirit of thankfulness and loving attention to detail.

We always offer Bali Offering/ Canang Sari every day, except there are some one death around village. Canang Sari offered to say thankfulness to the God, for what was we get in our life. Canang Sari is simplest daily household Bali Offering.
This Bali Offerings/Canang Sari usually offer in Temple, Family Temple ,Cross Road ,House, Sacred Statue, Shop or other place that Balinese belief sacred, that’s  make the world balance, God-Human-Nature.
The philosophy behind of the Bali Offerings is self sacrifice in that day take time and effort to prepare.

We invite you to see how to make this simple of Bali Offerings when there is a temple ceremony.


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