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There are some Bali Travel Tips that should be honored when visiting a destination. If you travel to Bali with Bali Day Tour or our Bali Driver, you undoubtedly want to watch a variety of tourist attractions such as the beauty of nature, cultural activities and Hindu rituals. When you make a visit to a tourist destination like a sacred place (temple), then we gives some Bali Travel Tips as follows :

1. Make sure you use a scarf or cloth or you can ask your driver as a minimum requirement to enter a temple.
2 .The most important thing remind that  you are not in menstrual period as the Hindus considered it a spiritually temporary impurity
3. Do not pass by/through and make noise before the Hindus saying prayers.
4. We remind also Do not hold or touch the ritual paraphernalia when religious rituals are taking place.
5  .If   you want to take pictures/ photographs,you can apply for permission in advance because there are some objects in the temple whose picture may not be immortalized.
6. We recommend to come  with Bali Driver as your Tour Guide or to ask for help to local guide of the temples in Bali have prepared local guides knowing exactly about the rules that must be obeyed.
7. Since the temple is a sacred place for the Hindus, so tourists being in the temple area may not say rude things, or perform indecent acts.
8. In some temples, there is usually a donation box. We advise If you wish to make a donation, please do it sincerely.



If   tourist destination pose a landscape such as : Sangeh or Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, there are Bali Travel Tips to consider are as follows :
1. Make sure that you visit the object is guided by the local guide available at the object because they know very well about the character and behavior of the monkeys there. If you want to provide food (nuts, banana, and the like),we suggest you to buy it  around the object.
2. All belongings you carry, such as eyeglasses, cameras, wallets and the like, should be stored in a safe place because there times when goods are taken by monkeys as compensation to get food.
3. If that time you do not bring foods, make your hand open all the times. It important to show that you do not bring food or hide no food.
4 .You can take photos with monkeys, and you have to feed them first.
5. Each time you enter the tourist destination,you need pay an entrance fee too




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