Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour

Pick Up Time : 9.00 AM
Duration : (8-10 hours)

Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour of itinerary:

Candi Kuning :
fruits and vegetable market
Bedugul :
floating temple and beautiful Beratan lake with harmonious mountain panorama (lunch will be served here)
Twin lakes :
beautiful panorama lake buyan and Tamblingan
Munduk Waterfall :
Fabulous Waterfall in the heart of Bali
Jatiluwih :
The most fantastic viewing spot of rice terrace
Tanah lot :
scenic temple set on a rocky isle known as the best place to watching sunset

For Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour details and entrance cost , as below :

Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour +6285739323994Candi Kuning Market

Then we  bring you to Candikuning Market,which is a Traditional vegetable and fruit market located at Candikuning countryside which can be reached only in a few minutes from the lake. Candi Kuning Fruits and flowers Market sell variety of fruit such as durian on season, mango, banana, salak (snake fruit), papaya, green apple, avocado, strawberry, sweet corn, peanut,  and many kind of herbs.Bali Day Tour suggest you to bargain if shopping at this market. For flower and vegetables they sell orchids, carrot, rose, orange and etc. A visit to a local market always provides a fascinating insight into the culture of the “Real Bali.” No entrance ticket for this Market.


Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour +6285739323994Beratan Lake and Ulundanu Temple

For a few minute from market we drive you to Beratan Lake,where is situated in the plateau area with cool atmosphere surround it. It is an ideal place for relaxation while enjoy the beautiful panorama of lake.In the middle of Lake Beratan is also Ulun Danu temple, beautiful floating temple in Bali.  "Ulun" it's mean head and danu it's mean the lake, this Ulun danu temple dedicated to the Gods of lake or waters (Danu Goddes), the lake supply a lot of water to the rice field. The temple founded in 17th century by the King of Mengwi,surrounded by cold weather and owns the magnificent view which makes impression for every visitor. In outside yard there is Buddhist temple and big Banyan tree. Entrance ticket  for this floating Temple on the Beratan Lake is IDR 50K /person.


Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour +6285739323994Twin Lakes

After that our tour driver bring you to the Twin Lakes,which are located in Northern Bali, near Bedugul, about 2 and a half to 3 hours drive from Kuta or Sanur .The lakes are known as Tamblingan Lake and Buyan Lake; Buyan Lake, on the right, being the third biggest lake on the island. Lake Of Buyan and Tamblingan as twin lake has a very charming appeal. With the cool air that completely surrounded by green mountains, fresh air atmosphere provide a calm and comfortable. Location Lake of Buyan and Tamblingan located in a very strategic area that is flanked by three famous sights Bedugul with Ulun Danunya, Gitgit Waterfall, and Lovina Beach. In the background is a mountain with an altitude of 1860 m Lesong fence in lake water clarity while creating a very natural silence. No Entrance ticket here.


Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour +6285739323994Munduk Waterfall

Then to continue our trip,our Bali Driver take you to Munduk Waterfall,where is one of the fabulous waterfall on the island that is located in the village of Munduk, north Bali. The path down to the waterfall is densely planted with clove and coffee trees as well as Avocado, Taro, Banana and some Durian tree. You can have such a great exercise while learning about the local farm and getting to know better of the local vegetation along the path down to the mighty waterfall. Munduk Waterfall lies on the altitude of about 800 meters above sea level is offering such a fresh mountain air and far out of pollution. Amongst a number of waterfalls in Bali, Munduk would offer you a chance to really enjoy its beauty as it is not being so commercial yet, no one would bother you with buying things as at most of the tourist sites on the island. .You have to pay entrance fee for Bali Day Tour of this Munduk Waterfall is IDR 10K (adult) and IDR 5K (children).


Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour +6285739323994Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Back from waterfall,we take you to Jatiluwih, a very beautiful rice terrace.According to its name from Jati and luwih, where Jati mean really and Luwih meaning especial, good, and beautiful. Jatiluwih is really beautiful scenery of rice terrace, located at slopes of mountain Batukaru. Jatiluwih is surrounded by cool atmosphere because it is located in the height of 700 meters above sea level. The local paddies are planted in this place look typically of the high relative size plant if it is compared with other pre-eminent paddy planted by most farmers in Bali . Despite fully, Jatiluwih also famous with its organic agriculture system due to the location is located in the in the plateau of Watukaru Mount which is suitable for the agriculture development. After harvest season you may see the farmer ploughing the field with cow or buffalo, they still use traditional equipment to manage their land. Entrance ticket for this place is IDR 40K/person.


Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour +6285739323994Tanah Lot Temple

The last one of this Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour,we take you to Tanah Lot Temple,which nested on a bulging up rock, which is continuously under abrasion of Indian Ocean waves. This temple was built around 16th century by one of famous Hindus Priest coming from Java in his effort to refresh the Hindu belief. This temple has the best sight when it is sunset (depends on temporal weather). In western side there is small temple built one of the temple in the top rock with hole it's Batu Bolong Temple.At this temple you can experience blessing by temple spring holy water and see holy tame snake in black and white color where according to the local society believe that it as a deity property and as the guard of the temple from the bad influence. Entrance ticket  for  this Tanah Lot Temple at IDR 60K /person.


Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour Prices  :

Price A :
*1-6 person IDR 600K/US$ 47/car
*7-10 person IDR 900K/US$ 70/car

 Price Includes : air conditioned car,English speaking tour driver, petrol,sarongs when enter temple and parking ticket

Price Excludes : entrance ticket,meal, other personal  expenses

 Price B : 

 IDR 600K/US $ 47 /person (Minimum 2 person join)

Price Includes : Air Conditioned Car,English Speaking Tour Driver, Mineral water, Petrol,Sarongs when enter temple,Parking ticket,All Entrance Ticket at Tourist Destinations, 1 x Lunch at Local Restaurant
Price Excludes : Dinner and other Personal  expenses



Bedugul Jatiluwih Tour of Note :
*Book in Advance
*Costumer Satisfaction Oriented. 








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