Denpasar City Tour

Pick Up Time : 08.30 AM
Duration : 5-6 hours

Itinerary of this  Denpasar City Tour is as follows :
Kesiman :
watching performance Barong Dance,one of popular dance in Bali
Tohpati :
Batik center and traditional weaving cloth
Badung market :
The biggest traditional markets in Bali located in the center of Denpasar. Local people sell their products with much haggling over prices.
Bali Museum :
art collection that ranges from prehistoric,Balinese tooth filling of ritualistic,wedding and incineration ceremonies
Bali Arts Center :
a traditional Balinese Building that homes a permanent exhibition of wood carving,modern painting and cultural performance

Bajra Sandhi : Balinese Struggle Monument

More Denpasar City Tour details and entrance cost , as below :

Denpasar City Tour +6285739323994Barong Dance

First our Bali Driver stop at Batubulan village to see the Barong and Kris Dance, a dance portrayal a continual fight between good and bad spirit. Barong is a big lion kind creature played by 2 men representing of good spirit meantime Rangda that is with long fingernails and droopy breasts symbolizing the bad spirit. Our Bali Driver asks you to take a picture after finish the performance of this dance At the tip of this story, a battle between good spirit , as a symbol of Barong and Rangda as a symbol of bad spirit . No one wins during this fight, finally dancer trance and stab himself with the hash however not till the wound. The price ticket  for this Dance performances is IDR 100,000 /person.


Denpasar City Tour +6285739323994Tohpati Village

Then we take you to Tohpati village, which this village widely known as the center of  Balinese hand stitched with varied colours and shapes. Here the traveler are going to be exchibited the Batik creating and hand weaving method. Finally our Bali Driver recommend that you’ll be able to purchase some to bring home.  The specialties of Balinese Batik will be seen from the robust Javanese motifs; a number of trendy Batik applies the paintings objects, like Balinese culture, ceremonies, stunning sites, or mythological figures. Batik is one amongst the foremost stunning wearable art and therefore the approach to the opposite aspect of Balinese rich culture. No entrance ticket here

Denpasar City Tour +6285739323994Badung Market

After that we very delighted to bring you to Denpasar, which is that the capital of Bali Province. Denpasar of the main street is Gajah Mada where is that the main shopping area, there are two huge traditional market, Badung market and Kumbasari market.Like other traditional markets our Bali Day Tour and also Bali Driver recommend for bargain prices before shopping in this market. Each of the market has four story and open twenty four hours within the day time the market open in main building, within the base and second floor for vegetables, fruits, meat and daily food vender, third and fourth floor for textile and temple procession instrumentality. Late evening untill early morning the market open within the parking area. In the main street there are plenty of huge textiles outlets. No Entrance ticket here


Denpasar City Tour +6285739323994Bali Museum 

The next schedule that we bring you to Museum Bali. It is placed at Denpasar town, at the east of Puputan Badung sq. and at the south of the Jagatnatha Temple. Based on its collections, Museum Bali joined of the provincial general museums in Indonesia. Houses and objects exhibits cultural from pre-historical period up to the current, reflecting all cultural parts of Bali, that can be classified into assortment of: archaeology, ethnography, history and fine art. This museum originally in-built 1910 by Dutch Government. In twenty January 1917 this museum was destroyed by the biggest earthquake in Bali. In 1932 the museum  remodeled once more untill these days. There square measure four main building in south pavilion has two story has assortment of prehistoric items, ancient artifacts and a few previous painting. With the friendly service of our Bali Driver will show you each building in this museum area. Any north Buleleng building has selection assortment of textiles together with Endek and double Ikat Gringsing. Alternative building Karangasem has Balinese calender and priest’ clothing. the North building is Tabanan has several Barong mask and Keris. Entrance price ticket  of this Bali Museum at IDR 10,000 /person.


Denpasar City Tour +6285739323994Art Center

The next we stop at Art Center. It’s placed within the village of Abian Kapas, Badung regency. Taman Budaya or Bali Art Center is that the culture complex with the best style of Balinese traditional architecture. It’s that includes the nice lay-out building of amphitheater to be a place/hall of show performance purpose.It’s symbolising the twiddling of Mandara Giri mount within the milk ocean and spattering the Amerta holy water for the life of endless as in keeping with nature of dynamic culture and stayed alive throughout the creature still dwell the world planet. Any time our Bali Driver will be ready to help you and will give a more detail explanation about this place directly.This amphitheater will accommodate up to 6.000 audiences for the show of colossal each for modern and also traditional. This Art Center is opened within the year 1973 with the Bali Artistry Party (Pesta Kesenian Bali) at intervals one month. On it month, there are full of entertainment amusement traditional dance, exhibition, and different cultural activities. At the opening ceremony enlivened by creative parade started from Puputan Park and end at the Art Center. Its distance is regarding two km and this parade is followed by entire regencies and cities in Bali by delivering their superior skill mission. Bali Day Tour invitation you to look at of acquainted with the culture of Bali.This event is commonly followed by different provinces in Indonesia moreover from outside country like  Korea,Japan, Europe, America etc. During this culture parade is presented in so many forms those are from the sacred till contemporary traditional. There are style of marry and custom clothes from every space, instrument of music or ensemble, forms Sesajen (offering) et al. Entrance price ticket for this destination at IDR 10.000/person


Denpasar City Tour +6285739323994Bajra Sandhi Monument

The last one among this Denpasar City Tour schedule, we can take you to Bajra Sandhi Monument, which is found at Renon Denpasar, in-built 1987 and opened by president of Megawati Sukarno Putri on fourteen June 2003 as a monument of Balinese People Struggle.The purpose of building this monument is to immortalize the soul and spirit of Balinese People struggle, at one blow dig, taking care of, developing and additionally preserve the culture of Bali to handed down to the next generation as capital stepping forward stepped an increasingly laden with challenges and obstacles. The name of this Monument is  Bajra Sandhi because it's form is looking like Bajra or Genta or something like Bell usually used by all Hindu Priest while doing  ceremony. Entrance ticket for this Monument at IDR 10,000/person



Denpasar City Tour Rate :
*1-6 person IDR 385K/US$ 29/car

*7-10 person IDR 550K/US$ 43/car

Price Includes : A/C Car,English speaking tour driver,gasoline, drinking water, sarongs when enter temple and parking ticket
Price Excludes : Entrance price tag,meal, other personal  expenses


Note :

*Book in Advance
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