Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Tour And Batukaru Temple

Pick Up Time : 09.00 AM
Duration : 8-10 hours

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Tour And Batukaru Temple Itinerary :
Alas kedaton :
A temple surrounded by tame monkeys
Sandan :
Bali butterfly park
Yeh Panes :
natural hot spring water
Jatiluwih :
The most fantastic viewing spot of rice terrace
Batukaru Temple :
located on highland with lush vegetation surroundings.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Tour And Batukaru Temple details and entrance cost as below :

Alas Kedaton

Firstly our Bali Driver very delighted to bring you to  Alas Kedaton This is a small forest with the width about 6-7ha located in the middle of the rice field in Tabanan regency, west part of Bali. The total size of this forest, temple and its supporter facility is about 12 ha. In this forest, there is a temple called Alas kedaton Temple and owns the natural environments that is looked green with its fresh air and create the calm, quite and holy atmosphere. The monkeys in Alas Kedaton are very tame and free gallivanting in temple yard, so that the calm atmosphere is sometime solved by noise voice of the monkey, which are playing around and scrambling of food. The monkeys who dwell in this forest, there are jump up and down in temple wall, take a bath in moat or there is also hang out in few leaves representing impression view The monkey like as custodian of temple, which are always ready to greet all visitor who are paying a visit to this place. Beside monkeys, in Kedaton forest also can be met the bats . Entrance ticket for this Alas Kedaton is IDR 15K/person.


Butterfly Park

Then we bring you to butterfly park,where located in Banjar Sandan Lebah, Wanasari Village, Tabanan regency.This park is one of the butterfly parks which own almost all butterfly species across Indonesia. Besides watching the uniqueness and variety of butterflies from all around Indonesia, the tourists could also see the breeding process starting from the cocoon until the evolution into a beautiful butterfly.The total of area covered by this park is 1 hectare, which is completed with netting area sizing 3700 m3. Every day, there are hundreds beautiful butterflies which are released into the wildlife. One of these released species is the most famous all around the world, the Paradise Bird wings Butterfly (Omithoptera paradisea), Ornithoptera priamus, and other kinds from all over Indonesia.  Besides, complete collection of butterflies, this park also has collection of various kinds of beetles, tarantulas, and scorpions.Entrance ticket for Bali Day Tour of this Butterfly Park is IDR 50K/person.


Yeh Panes (Hot Spring)

After that we take you to hot spring.It is located in Penatahan Village, Penebel Sub district and Tabanan Regency. At amidst 2.1 hectares of tranquil terraced rice field by the banks of the river Yeh Ho and hot water by people familiar with the name Yeh Panes. This place  is a beautiful and peaceful , with unspoiled sustainable, green and fresh, and the state is hilly geography that provides scenic views of the beautiful scenery.According to the reasearch,that hot water in  here contains useful minerals such as sulfur, potassium, and sodium which is very good to cure skin diseases.Yeh Panas features a private and semi private pool, pumped with naturally hot and healing mineral water from deep within the earth. For this healing,entrance ticket for this Bali Hot Spring is IDR 100K/ person.



Then to continue our trip, we go to Jatiluwih .According to its name from Jati and luwih, where Jati mean really and Luwih meaning especial, good, and beautiful. Jatiluwih is really beautiful scenery of rice terrace, located at slopes of mountain Batukaru. Jatiluwih is surrounded by cool atmosphere because it is located in the height of 700 meters above sea level. The local paddies are planted in this place look typically of the high relative size plant if it is compared with other pre-eminent paddy planted by most farmers in Bali . Despitefully, Jatiluwih also famous with its organic agriculture system due to the location is located in the in the plateau of Watukaru Mount which is suitable for the agriculture development. After harvest season you may see the farmer floughing the field with cow or buffalo, they still use traditional equipment to manage their land. Entrance ticket for this beautiful rice terrace is IDR 40K/person.


Batukaru Temple

The last one of this tour, we visit Batukaru Temple,where is located at Wangaya Gede countryside, Penebel District and Tabanan regency, and west part of Bali Island. It is located right on the foot of Mount Batukaru and about 1.30 hours from Denpasar Airport.This temple is one of the biggest Hindu temple in Bali and it was built in 11th century by Mpu Kuturan, a priest who came from Java. . It is set in the plateau area with lush tropical rain forest surround it. It is situated in the peaceful area which is far from the local resident that is ideally for worship. There are some temple building spread out through the tranquility of rain forest and the big mountain of Batukaru as a back drop.  Entrance ticket for this Batukaru Temple is  IDR 10K/ person.


Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Tour And Batukaru Temple Prices :

Price A :
*1-6 person IDR 550K/US$ 43 /car
*7-10 person IDR 850K/US$ 65 /car

Price Includes : air conditioned car,English speaking tour driver, petrol,sarongs when enter temple and parking ticket
Price Excludes : entrance ticket,meal, other personal  expenses

Price B : 

 IDR 800K/US $ 62 /person (Minimum 2 person join)

Price Includes : Air Conditioned Car,English Speaking Tour Driver, Mineral water, Petrol,Sarongs when enter temple,Parking ticket,All Entrance Ticket at Tourist Destinations, 1 x Lunch at Local Restaurant

Price Excludes : Dinner and other Personal  expenses



Note :
*Book in Advance
*Costumer Satisfaction Oriented.





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