North Bali Tour​

Pick Up Time : 09.00 AM
Duration : 10-12 hours

North Bali Tour Itinerary :
Candi Kuning :
fruits and flower market
Bedugul :
Ulundanu temple and beratan lake
Twin lake :
beautiful panorama lake buyan and Tamblingan
Banjar :
natural hot spring water

Brahma Arama Wihara : The biggest Buddhist temple in Bali
Lovina beach :
beautiful black sandy beach (lunch also served here)
Gitgit :
tallest and most beautiful waterfall in Bali

For details and Entrance Cost of for this trip, as below :

North Bali Tour +62 857 393 239 94Candi Kuning Market

Firstly of this North Bali Tour,our Bali Driver very delighted to bring you to Candikuning Market,which is a Traditional Vegetable and Fruit Market, located at Candikuning countryside which can be reached only in a few minutes from the Beratan lake. Candi Kuning Fruits and flowers Market sell variety of fruit such as durian on season, mango, banana, salak (snake fruit), papaya, green apple, avocado, strawberry, sweet corn, peanut,  and many kind of herbs.Bali Day Tour suggest you to bargain first,if you buy something at this market.For flower and vegetables they sell orchids, carrot, rose, orange and etc. A visit to a local market always provides a fascinating insight into the culture of the “Real Bali.” No entrance ticket here.


North Bali Tour +62 857 393 239 94Beratan Lake and Ulundanu Temple

Just a few minute from Candi Kuning Market, we will take you to Beratan Lake,where is situated in the plateau area with cool atmosphere surround it. It is an ideal place for relaxation while enjoy the beautiful panorama of lake.In the middle of Lake Beratan is also Ulun Danu temple, beautiful floating temple in Bali.  "Ulun" it's mean head and danu it's mean the lake, this Ulun danu temple dedicated to the Gods of lake or waters (Danu Goddess), the lake supply a lot of water to the rice field. The temple founded in 17th century by the King of Mengwi,surrounded by cold weather and owns the magnificent view which makes impression for every visitor. In outside yard there is Buddhist temple and big Banyan tree. Entrance ticket  for this destination is IDR 50K /person.


North Bali Tour +62 857 393 239 94Twin Lakes

After that we bring you to The Twin Lakes,where are located in Northern Bali, near Bedugul, about 2 and a half to 3 hours drive from Kuta or Sanur .The lakes are known as Tamblingan Lake and Buyan Lake; Buyan Lake, on the right, being the third biggest lake on the island. Lake Of Buyan and Tamblingan as twin lake has a very charming appeal. With the cool air that completely surrounded by green mountains, fresh air atmosphere provide a calm and comfortable. Location Lake of Buyan and Tamblingan located in a very strategic area that is flanked by three famous sights Bedugul with Ulun Danu, Gitgit Waterfall, and Lovina Beach. In the background is a mountain with an altitude of 1860 m Lesong fence in lake water clarity while creating a very natural silence. No entrance ticket here


North Bali Tour +62 857 393 239 94Banjar Hot Water

Then drive through Munduk area is the landscape so fascinating, we take you to Banjar Hot Water,which is a nature hot wellspring from the ground and it is believed can heal the skin disease. Its water is accommodated at one small swimming pool encircled by unique rural nature. This hot wellspring source is predictably built since of hundreds of year ago and since the Japanese colonize the Indonesia, this place has developed into three pools to relocate the water for taking a bath.   This public bath which is built by Japanese now is exploited by public society. Beside of that, now this place is opened for tourist who can use this bathing place to swim in hot pool and also enjoy the water fall. We advise you to relax a little bit, bathing and swimming here, Enjoying the hot water, we can feel like squeezing, especially at pool equipped by the douche with the high about 3,5 meters, so that can make the body refresh and relaxation. Entrance ticket for this Banjar Hot Water is IDR 5000/person.


North Bali Tour +62 857 393 239 94 Buddhist Temple
 Not so far from Hot Spring Water of Banjar we will take you to Buddhist temple.It was opened in 1970,and the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali,we call by  “Brahma Vihara-Arama”-a miniature replica of the largest Buddhist archaeological site of Borobudur which located in Java island



North Bali Tour +62 857 393 239 94Lovina Beach

Just a few minute from Hot spring Water of Banjar,we will drive you to Lovina Beach,the sea is calm all the year around, which is ideal for salt water swimming for the whole family. Coral reefs just offshore and the colorful marine fish is abundance. Out to the sea, snorkeling will be the exciting experience any time of the day and dolphin watching on an outrigger canoe is another morning fun. We suggest that you can join on Bali Watching Dolphin Tour to explore This Lovina Beach. Take awalk through the rice field in front of the hotel towards the mountain, or take the shady track along the coconut plantation from village to village among the banana trees. No entrance ticket here


North Bali Tour +62 857 393 239 94Gitgit Waterfall

The last one of this North Bali Tour ,we will take you to Gitgit Waterfall,which one of the best waterfall in Bali.The waterfall is popular among the tourist, for both local and overseas. Gitgit waterfall is a beautiful tourist destination in north part of Bali. Gitgit waterfall is located in the plateau area with the height about 35 meters and it is surrounded by tropical tree and emits the constantly natural water debit during the year. The location is quiet challenging, with the up-down pathways, and also many curves. The atmosphere of the jungle giving added value to this one of popular places of interest in Bali, The stones, the sound of water, natural garden, rice fields, fresh air and the waterfall itself, is the perfect combination to enjoy Bali nature.Entrance ticket for this Gitgit Waterfall is IDR 5.000 /person.



North Bali Tour Prices  :

Price A 
*1-6 person IDR 650K/US$ 50/car
*7-10 person IDR 900K/US$ 70 /car

 Price Includes : Air Conditioned Car, English Speaking Tour Driver, Mineral Water, Petrol,Sarongs when enter temple and Parking Ticket
Price Excludes : Entrance Ticket,Meal, Other Personal Expenses

Price B : 

 IDR 650K/US $ 50 /person (Minimum 2 person join)

Price Includes : Air Conditioned Car,English Speaking Tour Driver, Mineral water, Petrol,Sarongs when enter temple,Parking ticket,All Entrance Ticket at Tourist Destinations, 1 x Lunch at Local Restaurant
Price Excludes : Dinner and other Personal  expenses



Note :

*Book in Advance
*Costumer Satisfaction Oriented. 







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