Nyepi Bali or knows as Day Of Silence Bali,is an annual event that observed to celebrate Balinese New year. Bali Day Tour and also our Bali Driver invite you to witness this celebration in Bali.It is very contradict way to celebrate new year,while in International New Year or event Chinese New Year,we will feel the crowd,noise,fireworks,and all night long party,but in Nyepi Bali we celebrate it without much sound or cheer.It is day of reflection. No activity is done, no traffic at all on the roads, no lighting fires, no working, no traveling and no amusement held for the  one day, even the airport is closed. The effect of these prohibitions is that roads are empty. For travellers during stay in Bali, Nyepi Bali can be a peaceful time to mediate and rest your busy mind for twenty four hours. 

There are several series of ceremonies before Nyepi Bali  or Day of Silence Bali as follows:



Melasti ceremony performed three days ceremony before Nyepi Bali, which on this day Hindus pray on the beach  purify their selves of all the bad things in the past and throw it into the sea.

Besides prayer Melasti is also cleansing and purification of the sacred objects belonging to various temples of the objects in the stretcher and paraded around the village, is intended to purify the village, next to the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers or other springs are considered holy.
Ceremony held together with their prayer facing the sea, all the ceremony participants wearing a white shirt. After the Melasti ceremony was over done, the whole object and the equipment carried into the Great Hall of the village temple.  Hindus in Bali hoping for the sanctity of inner and outer self, and getting blessings from Sang Hyang Widhi (God Almighty).



Exactly one day before Nyepi Bali, all villages in Bali hold a large exorcism ceremony at the main village cross road, the meeting place of demons. They usually make Ogoh-ogoh (the fantastic monsters or evil spirits or the Butha Kala made of bamboo) for carnival purposes. Ogoh-ogoh is usually made at the village meeting hall, and prepared long before the carnival began. Ogoh-ogoh monsters symbolize the evil spirits surrounding our environment which have to be got rid of from our lives . The carnivals themselves are held all over Bali following sunset. Bleganjur, a Balinese gamelan music accompanies the procession. Some are giants taken from classical Balinese lore. All have fangs, bulging eyes and scary hair and are illuminated by torches. The procession is usually organised by the Seka Teruna, the youth organisation of Banjar. When Ogoh-ogoh is being played by the Seka Teruna, everyone enjoys the carnival. In order to make a harmonic relation between human being and God, human and human, and human and their environments, Tawur Kesanga is performed in every level of society, from the people’s house. In the evening, the Hindus celebrating Ngerupuk, start making noises and light burning torches and set fire to the Ogoh-ogoh in order to get the Bhuta Kala, evil spirits, out of our lives.

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