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Shopping In Bali, it is quite common to bargain in markets, shops and art shops for buyers, so having good price is partly depended upon one’s smartness in bargaining. Splendid local hand woven materials, silver, and gold works, woodcarvings, garments, and many other interesting things can be found at any market, art shop or art market.

You can see a vast of selection of traditional art and crafts on the trip from Denpasar to Ubud. Many of the crafts and  visitors can watch their skilful hands as they carefully make beautiful creations. Stonemason, silversmith, goldsmith, painters, woodcarvers can all be seen on the this almost  magical trip through an artisan’s dream world.

In Celuk, the work  of the goldsmith and silversmith is outstanding, in some shops, you can watch the designers working on their artistic creations.

For the master woodcarvers is Mas, nothing seems impossible to carve. Statue of Gods, or more playful images of big eyed frogs, highly filigree carved doors, or just simple window frames, are all lined up for the visitors to see.The village of Batuan and Lodtunduh are both interesting places to see Balinese paintings.Some of the fabulous galleries of painting such as the Fuji Family, Semar Kuning, and Dewa Toris have in their permanent collections some of the best paintings ever produced by Balinese or foreigners who found their physical and artistic home in Bali.

Every kind of art and craft can be found in Ubud at the traditional markets and in shops on Monkey Forest Road too.

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