Guest Testimonial

Mrs Taunya Rivera from New York

This is the Best tour guide and caring driver I have ever had in all my travels. Budi became my mission partner as I toured Bali to 7 locations. Some were very remote. He gave me an insight into the culture and made feel very safe as I was traveling alone. I will return in May 2016 with a group and will only book Bali Top Tour.


 Mr. Max Ediger & friends from USA

Dear Budi,

First,let me thank you for a very enjoyable and informative day in Bali last week,All of us enjoyed the short travel through the history and culture of Bali and only regret we did not more time. You most certainly made the time an interesting one and we wish to thank you

Mr. Peter Knight and friend Ms. Amanda from Canada

This was my second time using your driving service,and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time,if not more the second.You were very knowledgeable about Bali and answered all of the question we asked.You always on time and your car was very clean and tidy.I will be ALWAYS use your service when I return to Bali! I will recommend you to my family and friends that travel to Bali


Mrs. Yvonne Liao and Mr.Johnny Lee(husband) from Taiwan

Dear Budi,Many thanks for your friendly service during my trip in June 2013 in Bali. Thank you for your kind suggestion regarding the route, so that I can visit all places .It was really a very memorable trip . You were knowledgeable about Bali culture,tradition and every object tourism we have visited. If we have a chance to go back to Bali, we definitely would use your service again.We wish you all the best.

Best regard,Yvonne


 Mr Libor  from Praha,Czech Republic

Dear Budi,I´d like to thank you very much for a beautiful time which we spent with you during our holiday in Bali. Thanks to you we could move very comfortable all over the island and get to know many interesting places of Bali where we never probably could get to. In this places of the countryside we could see a local culture, traditions, various lovely beaches or great restaurants. Anyway we would like to use your service in our next visit to Bali and recommend to everyone !

Best regards.


 Mr Jimmy Bodt & Mrs Lonneke Smorenburg(wife) from Holland

Dear Budi,thank you for showing us a lot of beautiful places in Bali and introduces  about Bali culture too.You are  really  very helpful in organizing our tours  so make our honeymoon memorable.If we come back to Bali  to be sure I contact you again




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