Visitors can explore the tiny island of Bali by using means of Transportation In Bali like :  taxi, bus, minibus, motor cycle or  best choose our Bali Day Tour and also Bali Driver

The taxis operate from all of major hotels with raters vary according to destinations. As there are  metered taxis available, 

Public minibuses or big buses are available to every corner of the island with quite inexpensive prices but their stopping here and there to take and drop local passengers of traveling with local means of Transportation In Bali.

For more who prefer to travel more privately, Bali Driver,Bali Charter Driver, self-drive  rented car or motorbike may be the choice. The prices vary depending upon the type of vehicle and the duration of hiring. Petrol pups and service stations are available in every larger towns, however, in emergency there are always roadside shops selling fuel out of a drum or bottle at a dearer price.

We give advice when driving yourself, please take upmost care as the traffic rules may be somewhat different from those conducted in your own country.International Driving License is required but you can also apply for a temporary permit in Denpasar and go for a test at Traffic Police Department.

It is compulsory to wear a crash helmet when you ride a motorbike and it is always available at motorbike hire outlets.

Transportation In Bali also offers horse drawn carriage during your trip. It will be a very memorable and unforgettable for holidays in Bali.


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